this photo is by Roger who is quite wonderful at documenting our adventures.

i’m a bit of a nomad. i have lived several places, traveled to a few more and hope to keep adventuring as far and long as my legs will carry me.

my friend, Chelsea, refers to me as a farmer gypsy. my life sometimes reflects that epithet, though farming implies being in a place long enough to care well for the land, which takes time and patience and love.

orlando has been my stomping ground for the past few years, but my desire to farm has kept me traveling and dreaming of what’s next, while being grateful for what’s now. fully present; discontent and yearning for more, but ever thankful for daily provisions, learnings and joys. so we’ll have to wait and see how my story ends…

for now: adventuring. learning myself. dreaming. still becoming. and sometimes i’m really slow in the process, but it’s beautiful and humbling.