so, we leave for Kenya in 27 days.


yeah, i can hardly believe it either. (which also means i will be 29 in 9 days and roger and i will be married in 20 days. i know, so much to celebrate.)

updates on Kenya are as follows:

  • we got our visas back in the mail from the Kenyan Embassy.
  • we are all set on vaccinations. basically, we did a lot of research and decided to buy a water purifier with a virus filter that costs a fraction of the cost of vaccinations (over $500). we are educated on the risks and if you want to know more, message me.
  • we will be paying the balance for our travel expenses on Sept. 12th, about $1900 plus the wiring fee.
  • we are getting married 7 days before we leave.

that pretty much sums it up. oh, and also, we have about $3000 more to raise before we leave. i know, i know. it sounds like a lot (because it is), but we have literally done everything we know to do. we’ve had dinners with folks, we’ve sent out letters, we’ve posted on the interwebs. so, if you’re reading this, then maybe you can help?

we are open to anything! (mostly.)
like throwing a pop-up dinner, hosting another movie night (the last one went really well!), pouring ice water on our heads, walking/biking for miles, etc.
basically, we have so much to do to get ready for kenya and our wedding and packing both of our homes that we are asking for your help – using your network of friends, family and ideas to help us get the last bit of money we need. we just don’t have the capacity in our minds to plan another detail. we are not stressing about it – we know we’ll be cared for. but we also know that people cannot help unless they know what needs exist.
that said, if our needs are something you can lend help to in some way, thank you. we’re grateful. you plan it and we will show up and give 100%.

are you in?


(photo credit to: Brooks Potteiger)