working for New Life means that i receive an admissions story for every baby rescued along with the details of his or her abandonment. reading through the texts, i understand why so many folks, Kenyans and internationals alike, are drawn to the work of New Life Home Trust. they see the New Life Homes as places of hope; beacons of light in the work of saving lives.

every month i read of babies abandoned in pit latrines and left for dead, abandoned by the riverside, left in the hospital, undesirable because they are a girl, deplorable because they are the product of rape or incest. some babies have even been rescued from a “guardian,” a non-related person who had the child in their care. often it is suspected that a child in this situation was to be sold as a future sex slave. others are subjected to neglect, or severely malnourished because there simply was no food.

locals have often sought refuge through New Life, realizing they can bring a child to the safety of a New Life Home rather than abandoning the infant to possible death. a recent intake story told of how the mother was raped by a relative and, out of fear for her life and the unborn child, fled to a friend’s home. the friend knew someone who worked for New Life and the mother, unable to keep the child, was able to offer him up for adoption, rather than abandon him.

these stories happen everyday and New Life stands as an alternative in situations where the options were once limited to bad and worse.

this is why i work for New Life; because for over 20 years they have helped change the face of despair into hope. abandonment is a tricky issue. most women do not want to abandon a child, but are forced to or have no alternative. for more on the complexity of the issue, read here and here.

and this is why Roger and i are fundraising. New Life has a policy about not taking money away from their work of saving lives. i think it’s incredible. roger and i discussed from the beginning that it would be a big undertaking for us to raise money. neither of us has had much experience and we both tend to prefer giving over asking. (as do most folks, i believe. its safer.) but we decided it was worth it to go see the work that New Life is doing, serve the organization i work for, meet the team and see Kenya from the perspective of Kenyans, both for my writing and for knowing people different from ourselves.

if you’d like to help our efforts to get there, you can donate here (check Other and write in KENYA). if you’d like to hear more stories and more about the work that New Life does, let me know in the comments below. i can sign you up for our newsletters or share more with you via email, phone or a coffee date.