this thursday night we’ll be watching a documentary and sharing our story about traveling to kenya this october.

a little bit of backstory:
maggie and brian are probably the most generous people i’ve ever met in my life. it’s not that they give out of abundance; it’s that they are always giving. every time we stop by their house, even if it’s to bring them something, we never leave empty handed.
and though they are definitely generous in terms of tangible items, they are also always willing to lend support, offer encouragement, wrap you up in a warm hug or share a beautiful truth. they are filled with the Spirit, quick to listen, full of love and so, so kind. i count myself quite blessed to have stumbled into friendship with them.

recently, maggie and brian noticed that roger and i have both been a bit overwhelmed with the process of planning a wedding and fundraising (not to mention job searching and trying to figure out where to live when we return from kenya). so, they offered to help us with fundraising by sharing our story through a community gathering! fostering community in creative ways, which is so dear to both my and roger’s hearts.

this thursday we’ll be having a fundraiser + movie night. the evening starts at 7:30pm and all the details are on the facebook event. oh, and there will be artisanal popcorn for purchase!

we are still at 25% of our needed funds raised thus far, so please come out and support or give here (be sure to write KENYA in the Other category). just think, if everyone reading this gives $10 (the amount you spend eating out one meal, buying a t-shirt, one or two drinks at a bar), we’ll be pretty darn close to having everything raised.  think about it.

if you have no idea what i’m talking about, read more about our trip here.