airline tickets were purchased about a month ago (after exhausting our resources of friends with airline connections). unfortunately, we paid a pretty penny, but worked with a travel agent my boss in Kenya recommended. a less than friendly, but very knowledgable and, in that way, very helpful mid-westerner.

we are in the process of getting our visas and both already have up-to-date passports. vaccinations….well, we’re working on those, too. all the other details of itinerary and travel have finally been settled between here and the other side of the world helping us come up with an expected amount of costs.

grand total needed: a little over $7,000
(we currently have $1520, about 21% of the needed total)

[Budget Breakdown]
Flights: $2650.00
Visas: $100.00
Vaccinations: $200.00 (this is an approximation)
In-Country Travel: $1105.00
Accommodations: $2640.50
Food: $500.00 (also an estimate – see below)
(Est. Total: $7195.50)

a few notes explaining these costs…

our in-country travel costs include the trips between the different New Life Homes we will be visiting, Nakuru, Ruiru, and Lamu, as well as travel around Nairobi. we will have a driver (which sounds fancy), as it is the safest way for us to travel around as non-Swahili speaking Westerners.

as we will be in Kenya the better part of a month, accommodations are a big part of our expenses. the cost of the hotels we’ll be staying in is much cheaper than traditional hotels (more similar to hostels), and many include meals. however, because of the heightened insecurity in Lamu and throughout the coastal region, we will be staying in the safest lodging available there.

food, along with many other staples, has seen a huge increase in Kenya over the past few months and many Kenyans are suffering under these rising price pressures. we have budgeted food at $500, though Kenyan travel guide suggested twice that amount, hoping that we can be as frugal abroad as we are at home.

so, that’s the long and short of it. we’ve had friends graciously donate and have raised a little over 20% of what we need. we still have friends who’ve mentioned they want to give (here’s a reminder if that’s you!) and some friends that are using their gifts to help us raise money.
but we definitely still have a ways to go.

if you’d like to help, you can donate here (choose Other and write KENYA). let us know if you have more questions; we’d love to share our story and the story of New Life.

and don’t forget, your little bit can help a whole lot! we are so grateful for every ounce of love, funding and encouragement.

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