it has taken a couple months to nail down all the details, but we finally have everything in place. because we are not traveling with a group, we have been doing all the leg work of setting an itinerary (which has changed several times), contacting a travel agency to get our plane tickets, working with a friend of New Life to plan travel details and find accommodations, researching what medicines/vaccinations are recommended, acquiring our visas, etc.

New Life Home Trust is a network of six Homes located throughout Kenya. while there, Roger and i will be traveling to four of the six Homes to get as diverse a picture of the ministry as possible without wearing ourselves too thin and to minimize expenses. in Nairobi we will see the Main Home as well as the Medical Centre. in Nakuru we will visit both the Toddler Home and the Family Homes, the latter housing older children who have yet to be adopted. the children in these Family Homes are sent to outside schools, whereas Ruiru is both an education Centre and a Home for abandoned infants. we’ll be spending the majority of our time in Nairobi, a long weekend in Nakuru, and a day trip to Ruiru.

the tentative piece of our trip is visiting Lamu. though we have taken many precautions to ensure that we will be safe on our trip, Lamu Island has been rife with violence lately. once a major vacation destination for westerners, the area has seen a sharp decline in tourism. as of late, the terrorism from Somalia has bled into the coastal region where Lamu is located. for now, we are still planning to visit Lamu, though we will follow the wisdom of our Kenyan brothers and sisters if the plans should change. Lamu is home to a New Life Feeding Centre, Learning Centre, and Home. Lamu Old Town is also a World Heritage Site.

our last week in Nairobi will include the New Life annual conference, where all the national and international staff will be in attendance. there we’ll have a chance to meet the staff of the Homes we aren’t able to visit, as well as the folks who sit on the board for New Life in the UK, the US and Europe. we planned our trip in concordance with this conference and i can’t wait to meet all the folks i have been emailing for months!

we will also be taking a couple days to go on a short safari for our honeymoon (!!!)

i’ll be following up this post with the details of our budget. we are fundraising for the entirety of our expenses as to not detract any funds from the care of these abandoned babies. if you’re at all interested in donating, you can click here (choose Other and write in: KENYA) or contact me if you have any questions.