fun fact: i have been listening to Nickel Creek since i was in high school.
back when The Lighthouse and Speak were regularly featured on CMT; when CMT still played music videos and i did things like watch CMT and attend teen nights at Cowboys to line dance with my very best friends.
times have changed. those good friends still all listen to country music. i do not. i haven’t been to Cowboys in years and CMT (that’s Country Music Television in case you are somehow unaware) now plays more reality shows than music television.
CMT played Nickel Creek because they “fit” into the genre of bluegrass. they are what made me think i liked bluegrass. this was before folk made it’s revival. in actuality, i would spend the next few years enraptured by folk music, making my way through various styles of old and new folk. and it would be a few more years later until i learned of old time, square dancing and fiddlers conventions.

back to high school. hearing Nickel Creek’s music, i was suddenly in love with these unfamiliar instruments. i was entranced watching their fingers dance quickly between the strings and by the depth and cadence of the music.

it’s interesting, that feeling of stumbling across a band whose music you really love. how it can feel so personal experiencing life alongside the words and melodies of complete strangers. it’s as though you feel known by another human. we are so intricately created; all wound up and knit together more than we’d like to admit.

so the story continues, that in Spring 2007 i attended Nickel Creek’s “farewell for now” tour with three very good friends. we drove 45 minutes from auburn, al to columbus, ga. we wandered around “fountain city,” grabbing coffee at a nearby shop until it was time for the show to start. our seats at the River Center weren’t very close, but the whole theater is so small that it felt like an intimate gathering.

this was one of the best shows i’ve ever seen. i remember two thirds of the way through feeling as though they had just begun, but being sure they had already played so much. the sound reverberating off the walls of that small space, the plush seats, the close friends and being enchanted by their music, both in quality of performance and sheer beauty. i felt with all of me that i never wanted it to end, though i knew it soon would.

standing ovation.
great night drive back with close friends.
and the “farewell.”

nothing in my mind thought they would get back together. i didn’t follow their various solo acts, but did come back to the old albums from time to time, either to reminisce, the way old music takes you back to a particular season of life, or to share with friends who had never heard of them.

AND THEN, this year, they reunited. let’s be honest, i was a little overexcited. and my boyfriend, who is himself a very talented musician, got a little excited with me and a lot excited for me.
so much so that he planned a surprise trip to birmingham, got tickets and convinced my close friends there to join us. two days into our birmingham trip and i still didn’t know where we were going until we walked through the doors of the Alabama Theater.

it was lovely. they really really are such talented musicians. now knowing more about music and those particular instruments than i did back then, i am even more impressed with them.
they played a long set, just as i remember being awed by last time. old memories blending with new experiences of a beautiful night.
so, go listen to their tunes. i hope you like them; listen to the words, feel the melodies and harmonies and enjoy :)

side note:: roger an i got engaged the following week.
cheers to a lifetime of making new memories.