INTRODUCING: Buy Local List, Spring 2014

Roger and I, with the help of our friend Eliel (graphic design extraordinaire) produce this list in our spare time in hopes that the local, small business economy in Orlando will have another way to thrive.

Awhile ago, we noticed that while many other cities have Buy Local initiatives, Orlando is seriously lacking. So, last fall we complied our first list, just after Shop Small Saturday.

Our aim is not to compete with other great local listings, such as the Local Food GuideYelp or the Orlandoan. While many neighborhood districts are using social media to promote local business, wouldn’t it be nice to just consult one guide?

This list has been complied through word of mouth and tons of research. We started off with only brick and mortar shops, but quickly realized there the number of talented makers in the Orlando area. We wanted them to be included as well, hence the Online Artisans list.

The purpose of this list is to help consumers know about local businesses in the downtown Orlando area. We would love for you to promote this list as much as possible through your webpage, through social media, etc. This is a personal project for us as we are not benefitting financially from it. We simply believe in buying local and want to use our time, energy and creativity to promote the things we believe in.

We have tried to include as many small businesses as possible in the downtown area. However, if you know of businesses not on our list, please comment below or email me ( so that they may be recognized in future listings.

Buy local. Support local. Be local.


*special thanks to Bungalower, the Orlandoan and East End Market for featuring our lists and for doing their share to promote all things local.