i am all about local.
there are statistics on buying local versus buying online or from a corporation and ideas here stating how it affects city and state costs, employment rates and pricing, among other things.
there are also a myriad of essays written by folks like Wendell Berry on the topic. he suggests a list of rules that a local community would have to follow in order to be sustainable. (sustainable in this instance meaning: to cohere, to flourish and to last.)

buying local takes effort. there are so many different things to find locally. food, for instance, we consume several times daily. then there are services, like the bank, getting your car fixed or your nails done, alterations, lawn care, etc. and then, there are products.

most small businesses do not have the funding to compete with big business for your support. even now that social media has changed the way they market themselves, small businesses are still realizing all the different ways to promote through facebook, twitter,  and instagram, to name a few.

but how do you find every small business that exists in your area?
Orlando has had so many local initiatives in the past several years. we have quite an amazing burgeoning food scene – think Dandelion Communitea Cafe, gastro pubs, Food Truck Bazaars, and Local Roots at the new East End Market. not to mention the Local Food Guide 2014 put out by the Simple Living Institute.

but food is just one aspect. why not try shopping local in general?
Orlando has so many great shops and local businesses. so, in honor of shopping small and local on all levels, we have put together a list of local businesses in the Downtown Orlando area.

the Shops List is composed of brick and mortars – places that have physical locations in the various downtown neighborhoods. the Online Artisans List is made up of makers, artisans and creators in the Orlando area. these folks often set up at markets or events around town. many have events going on in December so be on the look out for them or buy from them through their online sites.

why not shop small everyday? view our Orlando Buy Local Lists. (updated versions to follow in the spring).

[special thanks to Matt from Bungalower for hosting our list on his site]