animal chores.
morning meeting.
harvest list.

thursdays are market days. this market is a little smaller than the saturday market so we spend a bit less time harvesting and washing. today was my first time at this market. we all harvested in the morning then headed to the wash house. tunes whiles cleaning, bunching vegetables and arranging flowers.

short break followed by weeding. we all weed a row at a time together so it each row goes quicker, that way he don’t lose hope halfway down the row alone. some of us are faster than others…my tendency toward detail puts me in the slower group and i have to keep being reminded that the little stuff isn’t as necessary to spend time on. but it makes me feel better to get them all. still adjusting to doing it a little less than perfectly.

while folks finished weeding i fertilized the green onions, beets, zinnias, and celery. basically everything that had recently been weeded. we use chicken manure that has been turned into pellets so the nitrogen will disperse into the ground well. 50 lbs bags poured into two buckets. a handful at the base of each plant. leaves the plant nourished and me smelling like chicken poop. the buckets are heavy and its slow moving along til you get through more of the bucket, but i enjoyed it. just don’t breathe the dust…

late lunch since it’s the last day of kids camp. they have a pizza lunch on the last day where they get to put veggies on their own pizzas. Matt, a local farmer, comes over and teaches them about vegetables while he helps them decorate their pizzas and then they get cooked in our wood fire oven. so they kitchen is taken over for a couple hours.

after lunch we turned compost piles, H. and M. tilled more rows in the house patch. then C. and i showered, loaded up the car and headed to banner elk to setup for the market. it runs from 5 to 7pm. there is a pretty continuous flow of folks. we sold out of all of our carrots and kale and most everything else we had.
it’s so encouraging and amazing to see markets where all the vendors are growers. Orlando’s markets are mostly wholesale produce. granted there are growers here that grow conventionally and are probably not the best for the environment or for our bodies. but it’s still really amazing to attend a market where everyone grew the food that is there. it gives me hope.

then home to rest. i’m tuckered out this week and will be glad for the weekend to come and to be able to rest my body a bit extra than after dinner.