• first one up, which means i put the chickens out. fed Tuta. and started hot water boiling to make coffee. followed by granola breakfast until our morning meeting.

    kids camp is here again today. on wednesdays they help with something on the farm – their project. we are planting in the upper field today so we had the kids come up and help pick up stones from the field, fill buckets and lug them to the end where the creek is. not a favorite for the kids, but super helpful for us to have several extra sets of hands for 45 mins. we spent some time doing it ourselves in the morning and it was pretty tiring. the bad thing about farming in the mountains is the rocks; the good thing, good soil conditions. and mostly we moved the big rocks so they wouldn’t beat up the tiller too much.

    it has been a remarkably rainy season here in the high country. it was supposed to be a dry year, according to farmers almanac. H. laid down irrigation for this dry summer and it’s been one of the most rainy in a long while. several of our days have been cut short from the rains and it’s been difficult to keep up with the weeds thriving with all the extra nourishment.

    spent time this morning learning how to use a tiller. the different types of tillers. how to use it safely. then we took turns tilling and weeding.

    then, the clouds rolled in. and we went into hyper speed trying to get everything planted before it rained. we planted rows and rows of beans and onions, transplanted okra, and took turns hoeing rows and then covering freshly dropped seeds with dirt and a rake. it was the hottest and most tiring day we’ve had since i’ve been here. i am exhausted.
    but the work felt good. i learned a lot and i felt strong, even as i pushed my body to keep moving through the waves of exhaustion. dinner followed by popcorn since W. is out of town. and deep sleep this tired night.