woke up to a very energetic M. she has energy in the mornings like my mom. she’d already been up an hour, done yoga, welcomed the day and the sun. and she had let out chickens and fed Tuta.
when C. got up we headed to grab some breakfast and slop for the pigs. came home to give the goats a bath. which i actually really enjoyed. apparently goats are naturally deathly afraid of water. they behaved well for bath time however. i think it was because i held their necks tight while M. washed so they felt safe. and just as we finished the folks were filing into the side porch for kids camp.
Maverick has a partnership with with a local non-profit that works with inner city youth. they have weekday camp during summer and have been coming to Maverick for the past 8 years. they get a tour and use the land as an outdoor activity sight. the kids get to try edible flowers, meet chickens and goats, play badminton, etc.
since H. and W. weren’t back yet, the three of us gave the welcome talk. we joined their introduction circle, learned all the kids names and how they were feeling, and told them some of the ground rules for their short stay at our home.

we weeded until lunch since it was sunny and dry for the first time in awhile and then headed to the raspberry patch after lunch break. apparently H’s father who originally farmed this land way back in the way back days has a very specific technique for raspberry picking that was shared with the other farmhands one of the times he was in town.
there are 3 kinds of berries:
ones that need to be picked
ones that are ready to be picked
ones that aren’t ready to be picked

adhering by those guidelines and a few others we picked red and golden raspberries which will be either made into jam or frozen for smoothies and other uses later. the greatest part of the patch of raspberry bushes is that they line the creek so you get to be right next to the sounds of water when you’re picking. the creek goes directly through the property, so we hear the water everyday. whether or not we actually listen for it or pay attention to it is another thing. it’s one of those beauties that we miss while we are busy. but in this patch it’s hard to miss.

more weeding, cleaning and organizing the kitchen drawers and spice cabinet, pasta dinner with leftover carrot green pesto, evening chores. raspberry picking day. constantly learning, and very much in love with the beauty of this place.