sunday is our day off on the farm. it’s kind of a sleepy day. especially so today – everyone is out of town besides C. and i.
M. went into town to have a day to herself and won’t be back until late. since H. and W. are gone for a couple days we are taking care of morning and evening chores – feeding pigs, letting the chickens out, collecting eggs, putting the goats out to graze….feeding pigs, putting the goats back up, closing up the chicken coop. and tomorrow we’ll be weeding and welcoming kids camp, among a few other details.

so i’m taking advantage of the empty day to take over the kitchen – carrot green pesto. made with nutritional yeast in place of cheese to be dairy-free for M. go buy some carrots and make pesto. or throw the greens in your stir-fry or salads.
ingredients to taste:
carrot greens
walnuts (cheaper than pine nuts)
nutritional yeast (in lieu of cheese, or cheese in lieu of this)
olive oil
a little basil if you have some

better yet, make cilantro pesto. with pepitas or sunflower seeds. haven’t had it yet, but apparently it’s H’s favorite. the best – make fresh bread and top with freshly made pesto.

happy sunday.