Maverick Farms sells at the Watauga County Farmer’s Market. which just so happens to be run by a friend of a friend – Tori Cox. who i surprised with my presence at movie night last night.
this market is one of the best i have been to in a long time. not only does Tori do an excellent job, but there is a great local market following here. and there are a lot more growers at this market than any market in Orlando (with the exception of the Audubon Park Community Market).

woke up bright and early to load up the car and be on our way into Boone before 7am. M. and i setup the tables, she unloaded and setup the display, and i refreshed the chalk board with our offerings for the day and some fresh scribbles where smudges remained. pork cuts, eggs, vegetables, herbs, bouquets, and edible flowers.
met our market neighbors on either side. Diane is a baker and spends her friday prepping for market morning. she sells out of nearly everything she brings every week. being a baker myself i was impressed with her following. and she sent us home with a couple of the goodies she had remaining – two cupcakes and a few cookies.
our neighbor on the other side is one of the FIG farmers (Farm Incubator and Grower). i’m still learning all the ins and outs of FIG, but the land is located down the road. we go there twice a day to feed our pigs who live in a pasture there. from what i’ve learned thus far, folks who do not have access to their own land can start out as farmers on plots of land at the FIG farm.
one of those farmers is Lee (perhaps spelled Leigh?). she grows flowers and they are incredible. when i was at the FIG farm on friday i noticed a flower with dark maroon stalks, stems, and leaves and a brighter reddish flower. upon inquiring i learned that they are called black leaf dahlias. i have never in my life been a huge fan of cut flowers or bouquets from a florist. but Lee grows beautiful flowers. and i fell in love with the dahlias. particularly this one.

Vancouver dahlias

Vancouver dahlias

between Lee and Hillary i am learning to appreciate all the different types of flowers that can be grown. and learning their names and colors. reminds me of an Orlando lady with a particularly lovely eye for the beauty and arrangement of flowers.

all that to say, the market was wonderful. i’ve been to markets all over the U.S. i’ve helped organize markets and setup harvest festivals. i’ve sold produce on behalf of growers. but this is my first experience growing, fertilizing, harvesting, washing, and sweating over produce sold at a market. as M. said, it gives you a whole new appreciation for it. and for paying farmers fair wages for the hard work they do to keep all the rest of us fed.