arrived at Maverick Farms last night. greeted by two cars full of people and Bea. met the other farm hands, one of the farmers, and the neighbors. at the belk at the boone mall. welcome to boone.

actually, welcome to valle crucis where the farm is truly located. got a tour of the house from W.  kitchen, rooms, guest room, music room, library adjoined to the Nixon room and the attic like nook i’ll be rooming in. the house is beautiful and full of books, which i love. we congregated on side porch where the porch swing is and i could feel in the dark all of the setting looming around me. like there was a whole world undiscovered beyond the darkness. i was told that there was and woke up to greet it all after a meeting over coffee and then onto harvesting.
today was a quick lesson in learning my way around. i am careful by nature and could tell that everyone else who has been here a bit longer, a week or more, has already figured out the ropes. H. showed me the different herbs to harvest, where they were located, how to harvest and how much of each. i harvested 7 bunches of cilantro, 2 bunches of oregano, thyme, and garlic chives and then helped with gathering flowers for bouquets.
on to the wash house, also known as the Springhouse, the farm’s original name back in the way back days. here we washed the herbs, made bouquets, washed and bundled all the veggies. let’s be honest, i mostly washed out harvest buckets. but i spent some time inside after the guys left catching up on the news around the farm, learning about how things are done here, and helping with the last few details.

i am already in love with this place, just like Maggie was worried about. there is a creek running through the property. chickens and goats; pigs down on the FIG farm. a wrap around porch with clothesline for laundry. a big kitchen that holds a lot of people and hosts a lot of meals. and tonight is movie night. we’ll be watching Clue (1985, best year ever) and i’ll be dressing as Mr. Green, mustache and all.