hey dude.

the week out West is nearly over. trips with my gramps are very planned out – activities everyday. the 4th was low-key, watching fireworks at the lodge here.
we have taken walks everyday. an hour-long horseback ride through the White River National Forest. dinner wagon ride out to the buildings on site owned by the last family to own this land – the Smith family. horse shoe toss, lassoing a fake bull, campfire sing-along, BBQ dinner.
saturday was my solo adventure morning. biked 16 miles along the trail that goes from Keystone to Copper. found a nook to read and stick my feet in the water. and enjoyed time riding to process things. the timing of this week has felt disorienting in ways that i cannot put my finger on. i keep trying to keep perspective, but haven’t been able to shake the unsettled feeling that draws me back into my cloudy thoughts. hoping time next week will allow more space to breathe and think and do normal life things.

saturday night we went to the Teller House in Central City. the restaurant is probably 150 years old. the town is a funny little spot tucked in the mountains. as are a lot of the little towns we’ve been driving through here. but this one is cultured. it is home to the central city opera. actually, reading back through On The Road, it’s a place Kerouac’s character Sal stopped through in his time in Colorado. we saw Our Town with i assume is a better play than opera to be honest. but it was a special night with my gramps, telling stories of time he and my late grandmother had spent in that exact place. tears and cocktails and fancy desserts. followed by a rather long opera in English and a dark drive home through winding mountain roads.

a few card games, a summit hike, whitewater rafting with my 80-year-old grandfather and a few more fancy desserts later, and it’s time to head to the next summer adventure. a couple days on my vespa and then a few bus trips north to visit friends and head toward Maverick Farms.