spent New Year’s at St Simon’s Island with some of my dearest friends on this magical getaway.

we drove up to what i learned are called the Golden Isles sunday afternoon. stayed in the cozy beach cottage of a friend. bonnie went out and stocked up on groceries while i napped and awoke to a wonderful dinner and Bonnie’s old friend Johnny. the three of us dined by candlelight and were joined by Stephan in time for tea and hot chocolate and conversations about love and life. it was one of those evenings where time is creeping on in a sweet, slow manner, as if it weren’t ever going to wrap the night to a close. the darkness of the room contrasted by the light of the candles made it feel a secret to be sitting amongst those friends feeling so warm in my seat and in my heart. the rarity of the unicorn appearance brought his magic with him for the evening i do believe.

this is angel. she's the oldest horse on the farm and likes to take naps in the dirt.

this is angel. she’s the oldest horse on the farm and likes to take naps in the dirt.

we passed new years eve at Natalie’s rescue horse farm. she has 17 horses and a slew of other animals including cats, goats, chickens, and a rooster named Grandpa. the tenderness and concern with which Natalie spoke of and told the story of every animal there was a force to behold. i learned so much by being in her presence. we also got to talk about composting and what i’m working toward. she said to keep her in the loop and maybe they could do something like that in the isles.

all of that followed by lunch at Fourth of May and a walk on the pier. moments in a used bookstore and a walk back to the beach cottage. then getting ready for a wedding followed by a new years eve party and back to the beach cottage to ring in the new years on the front porch with each of our creature comforts – chocolate, whiskey, tea, cigarettes.

on the first bonnie’s friend johnny took us out on his boston whaler. we started at the marshes and ended up on the atlantic ocean.bonnie muds we saw dolphins and all sorts of birds and ended up stuck in the mud on the way in. because of the recent full moon and the west winds, even though we estimated early, there was barely water left in the channel to get us into the boat ramp. johnny got out to push and then bonnie attempted to join him and ended up stuck in a pile in the mud. i would have joined, but couldn’t go barefoot because of the oysters…i got called a princess for staying in the boat, but this princess is great at catching the moment on camera. so there’s that.

perfect way to bring about the idea of renewal and reminders of hope. these two friends i met when i first moved back to Orlando. they have seen me grow and learn and been a part of the process so much over the past two years. i am blessed to know them and thankful for this time that we all passed together. feet in the water, heart near friends, minds walking over the current and the history of our stories. my spirit revived by the adventures and the stillness and always by being near the water.feet