so it’s Labor Day. which is curious because we have a national holiday where you are supposed to do the opposite action implied in the name. however, today is not a labor-free day for me. i haven’t written in awhile because coming back to orlando i jumped into a bunch of things at once and this is the first time i’ve come up for air, or at least to continue writing.

working four jobs seven days a week:

  • nannying Sola on Mondays
  • nannying London on Tuesdays & Thursdays
  • baking for downtown credo on Sundays & Wednesdays
  • assembly/production at Rifle Paper Co Fridays & Saturdays
  • so that’s what my weeks look like right now. hence the lack of time to write.

    but today i had the happy inconvenience of waiting on something to finish baking. which is always the best time to do things that you hardly make time for otherwise. my friend Karima sent me a letter about it this summer. and then i saw this video from Kinfolk. this time of waiting on things to rise or bake always feel like sweet stolen time. similar to how night time feels like a secret to me. it’s my time, time that i end up spending alone doing some of the sweet things that i love that i don’t often make time for on other days, like writing, or finishing letters, or going for a barefoot walk through the forest.

    with the holiday, i took the day off yesterday and baked today (chocolate banana bread, cherry coffee cake, snickerdoodle bars, and buttermilk chocolate cookies). which means i did not properly celebrate Labor Day. but i had a great day listening to old favorites and dancing around the kitchen in my apron. just having a day off has made me feel rested and more relaxed. and it means that Wednesday wont be my normal baking day. now i just have to figure out when to squeeze in more baking in my full week between meetings, kids, and packaging.

    green onion growing in our unkept compost pile.

    and hopefully wednesday will be the day i conquer my garden and fix up my compost pile and fill out my motorbike insurance and all the rest of the things i didn’t get around to today. i was pleased to discover this little treasure growing in my compost pile though! right before i cover it with yard waste from my overgrown summer garden and the weeds we pulled up from the sidewalk around credo on the last work night.