round two.

spent most of today at a coffee shop in Decatur called Java Monkey. i’ve been to this place a number of times, but wanted to be out in the city today. i took Marta to Decatur and got a double shot of decaf over ice and an Arden’s Garden (an Atlanta-based fresh juice maker carried all over the city.)

i met two guys at Java Monkey. one on either side of the table i ended up at. Sam is a traffic lawyer in town. he spent a year of his graduate program at Auburn. we talked a bit about the coffeeshops and other things that are great about Auburn. he was eating a sandwich and had to leave shortly after for a meeting, but he was very friendly. [in case you want his information, he left me with a business card.]

Clay Grant. he and i ended up talking for a long while. he was a CPA and is taking a break that may one day lead in a new direction. we talked about California, about the road and train systems here and there and other places, about markets and music and community development. we swapped names of singer-songwriters that we both appreciated and he recommended a dinner place and Eddie’s Attic. he was an older man, spoke of his travels with his wife, and held onto a book that i did not catch the title of. he told me of his niece and her career choices. he told me that i ought to get my masters in Public Administration if i noticed and was concerned with city planning and systems. he also told me that i will go far with my personality. he later emailed me a groupon for a restaurant on Highland called Across the Street and suggested the goat cheese enchilada. we headed that way only to realize that it is closed on Mondays, but if you’re in Atlanta anytime soon – it comes highly recommended!

Will & Mary, dear friends from college, picked me up at Java Monkey and we headed toward Highland to surprise Allison. it worked.
she was delighted to see them, and i was so glad to be around the whole group! ended up splitting paella at La Fonda on Ponce and heading back to Allison’s for beer and time together. talked over life, the concept of time, being rooted, tradition, generational differences, work, identity, the church, moving, relationships, God, the education system, farms and general catching up. and voting “yay” to Atlanta transportation. i still maintain that we should all live in the same city again…i’ll keep wishing! people like this are what make the idea of moving away from the South so difficult for me.

home to snake nation for the night. and a clean(er) fridge.