one real interesting thing in having been to so many cities in the past year is learning how they all function so differently. i was very surprised to be in downtown birmingham on a saturday afternoon with literally no traffic, when atlanta and los angeles and even orlando would be swarmed/are constantly busy. i guess it comes down to a lot of factors – city planning, road systems, public transportation, revitalization of downtown businesses, etc.  but i’ve been to birmingham before and never noticed the stark contrast until this trip.
the great news about this, however, is that you can bike carefree downtown on sunday morning because all the lanes are wide open, only a car every few stop lights. so ali and i met my adventure buddy, melanie walker, downtown and enjoyed the road for a few hours.

stopped by jones valley teaching farm to see the structure that our friends from college built them.

the lumberjack from Rojo

and then headed to rojo for brunch.

then i got to drive back to atlanta, windows down on 1-20 W. jennifer and i bonded over dancing and music this weekend- Of Monsters and Men, The Lumineers, The Head and the Heart, Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros, salsa music, Allison Krauss. in response, jennifer made me a cd to drive home to and it was too perfect. good driving + good music really makes for a great day.

home to ginna and then off to Trinity for the evening. much needed time.

then home to snake nation to celebrate life, disappointment, dancing, 90s rap, good times, friendship and moving in different directions with the men of that household. really fantastic group of guys actually; very thankful to know them and see the standard they set with their lives.

other photos from jones valley teaching farm:

love these ladies.