there are two women i encountered in my travels to and from los angeles. i think it’s interesting how our lives can overlap with people for seconds or moments and that may be the only encounter we ever have with someone. sometimes it’s enough, more than you wanted to have with that person. other times, you hope that your stories will intertwine again in the future.

i had a time getting to los angeles. originally the cheapest flight i could find was to santa ana, but when i arrived bright and early for my 6:30am flight i learned that all the flights were delayed and they were rerouting folks. i still had a connecting flight in houston, a couple hours later, and there were no seats on the flight to los angeles. but when we touched down in houston i noticed there were 3 connecting flights to los angeles, one leaving in only an hour. rather than asking the busy ladies at the counter if i could get on that flight like everyone else was trying to do, i walked to my santa ana gate and politely asked if there might be seats on any of the flights to los angeles, thinking i would be put on the one 3 hours later. mysteriously she got me on the overbooked flight to los angeles! i walked back to the original gate in amazement of how the Lord always takes care of me.

it was on this flight that i sat next to Alexis. she lives in Morro Bay, CA about 3 hours north of Los Angeles. and she moved there for a man.
i really appreciated that part of the story.
she was wearing lots of bright colors, which i never do, so they stood out immediately. she had on a paisley skirt with and old lace slip showing out the bottom and a 3/4 sleeve shirt. and she had red hair, but not as vibrant red as the Ukrainian doctor sitting in the seat next to her. she owns a vintage clothing store there and lives by the sea and has a friend that owns a vineyard. she’s been there for 6 years and the man she lives with has 3 sons between the ages of 16 to early 20’s.
she has a very natural, relaxed way about her. very settled in the woman she has become and the life she has made and it was so refreshing to be around. (check out her store!)
we both feel asleep for the first bit of the trip and talked through the rest. i loved the time we passed together. we shared our stories, our loves, our favorite music, and parting information. she invited me to Morro Bay with a couch to stay on and i intend to take her up on that one day. next time i go to Cali i’m renting a car and visiting her and my family in Topanga Canyon. and the beautiful farm there i didn’t get a chance to visit…

the other woman i met on my last day. she was a New Yorker visiting Santa Monica and Venice. she was one of those people that is just not nice to be around, always something to complain about.
i had taken the red line to the blue line and was waiting to get on the green line. while waiting on the bench i befriended a large man and his traveling companions – his teenage daughter, a older skinny man, and a young boy with a wide grin. we talked about how he was from san fran, but had been living in los angeles for 11 years. we talked for awhile about Atlanta, where i was headed, and how i had really enjoyed my time in LA.
then up walks this woman. she was probably a bit older than my mom and really looked like it. she had bleached blonde hair held back in a messy low bun. her eyes were lined with black on top and lime green underneath and she had neon pink on her nails. she noticed my luggage and asked me how to get to the courthouse, which of course i didn’t know. the man sitting by me tried to help her and once she realized that we were both getting off at the Aviation/LAX stop, she was attached to me.
she was not a pleasant woman. she was talking about how everyone is so lax on marijuana in california, how everyone smelled of it, and how it ruined people’s lives. (which is a highly debatable topic, especially in cali.) on a train full of people she was talking too loud. then, at one point, she asked “doesn’t it seem like these people are all staring at us?” i was incredulous. i would rather have been associated with “these people” than with her. and i couldn’t get over her superiority complex to label anyone as such! my mind was racing with anger, but i decided to respond in a different way. i commented on how i disagreed and how we were traveling with luggage and everyone was probably just curious where we were headed. this helped and she passively agreed “yeah, maybe that’s it.” i couldn’t wait to be away from her. luckily the train stopped a few more times and we headed in different directions, which left me musing over the fact that our perceptions create our reality and hers was a very dim one indeed.
and how i was glad that the most unpleasant person i had met in california was not from there.

a few hours later i was aboard a plane to Atlanta, headed toward so many people i love. enjoying The Story of the Trapp Family Singers by Maria Von Trapp.

to leave this on a better note, Alexis was flying into San Luis Obispo, which made me think of this kid, whom i’ve never met, but Chelsea tells me i would get along well with. and if i go visit Morro Bay one day i intend to stop here as well. beautiful design blog full of watercolor and stories.