today was a day of firsts for me. a friend shared with me his loves outside of la.

the range

salvation mountain.
slab city.
the range.
the hot spring there.
the salton sea and the story of salton city.
fonts point.
anza-borrego desert state park.
borrego springs downtown.
dinosaur and horse sculptures.
the mountains all around.
julian & apple pie.
san diego.

left los angeles in search of the desert and of adventure with the perfect soundtrack. went to salvation mountain, which if you’ve never heard of then you ought to go watch Into the Wild. dripping sweat by the time we left the 103 degree weather, but i loved it.

apparently we are not the only people to ever have met Bill.

at slab city we met Bill. he is the man that started the Range out in Slab City. said he never could have started something like it anywhere else. every Saturday night they have an open mic night out there that starts at sundown. can’t really start any sooner than that in the summer on account of the weather. Bill noticed us drive up and offered us a flyer that had the upcoming event nights on a neon pink paper. prom night under the stars is March 30th. spoke with us for a bit and then headed inside to get out of the sun. last free place on earth. we didn’t stay for that night of music; it was only 3pm and there was more to see. but i intend to go back one day.

fonts point was probably my favorite part of the day. its beautiful. i’ve never been anywhere so intensely quite in my life. even in remote places by the shore the noise of the waves is there to accompany your thoughts. i could have stayed for hours. the only other person we saw out there was a man taking photographs. said he’s never seen another soul out there in the summer before and he only goes out there because he’s paid to be there. i don’t think photographs of it could portray the beauty and wonder of that place.
only thing better would have been a place to jump into water.

stopped in downtown julian for their famous apple pie. i don’t generally like apple pie, but the slice we had was fantastic and it had been awhile since i’ve had pie. it is my favorite dessert. plus, it was a beautiful drive there through the mountains and nice to stop in a place i know others love as well.

the salton sea baffles me. the coast around the sea is piled with dead fish. apparently the salinity of the sea is so high that it cannot support the livelihood of the fish. however, it has several different types of birds eating out it. it seems as though the salty fish would kill the birds or that the salinity that kills off the fish would prohibit the fish from growing to full size in the first place. but this is not the case and that riddled me.
salton city was designed with this incredible road infrastructure, but the rest of the city never developed on account of the increased salinity and pollution of the salton sea. you can still see the road system on the map, but there are few standing buildings and homes around town.

ended the day in san diego. home of Invisible Children and two great ladies – Lauranne Boyd and Sarah Chaplin. they are incredible women and its always a joy to be around them. the best part of San Diego, besides the tour, were the burritos we got at a mexican restaurant there. had a california burrito – carne asada, french fries, onion, cilantro. delicious. orlando needs more places like this one.
people have been telling me for ages that i’d love San Diego. i don’t think one evening there did it justice to make me fall in love with the place. i’ll have to go back again some day…


great day. two border patrol stops and night driving. seeing and learning the story of all those places. adventures and windows down and the beauty of the great outdoors. i don’t think i’ll ever cease to be amazed by mountains.