“i see that i’m a little piece of a big, big universe.”

my roommate’s boyfriend recently told her that she was reading too many books of a certain type. they were fine, but she needed to be reminded of the things in the world around her. that her world was becoming too self-focused.
my friend recently told me to “get over myself.” great advice actually. and LA has been the best place to do just that. to remember how big the world around me is and that my story however epic or wanting it may be is just part of the whole. i can make it epic, or ordinary, or whatever but i cannot make it about me.

so i watched this movie the other day and remembered again, again. and now…its time for dreaming. dreaming whats next, dreaming for orlando – composting centers and community development and gardens and such. dreaming that looses the chains of injustice and changes broken systems into healthy neighborhoods. dreams bigger than i know what to do with, but i have some ideas where to start and nothing ever ends up the way you expect. sometimes it ends better.