hey all.
i decided to take a break from blogging about my life for a day to talk about what is going on in the rest of the world. in April some friends and i took Megabus up to Atlanta and then drove with some of the Give Us Names folks to DC to lobby. we met with the staffers of our Representatives in Washington urging them to reconsider where they are putting their money in Plan Colombia. asking them to consider cutting funding from aerial fumigations – a policy that has proven ineffective in the drug problem and added to the millions of those displaced in Colombia and repurpose the money into community development. this development gives people options so that they don’t have to be a apart of the cocaine supply chain in order to survive.
while we were there we did a garden installment in an existing community garden area called Wangari Gardens as an act of solidarity with those who are being displaced from their farmland due to arial fumigations.

my story connected to this organization is that i went to their screening because of my now roommate who was passionate about what they were doing. i sat through the screening and realized that farmers in Colombia were being displaced because of my country’s solution to the source of our drug problem. not to mention the fact that the coco plant has adapted to the herbicide that is dropped on the mountains of Colombia killing the livelihood of individuals and the environment of Colombia but leaving the coco plant intact.
for more information on this check out these 2 links:

so here’s the deal. washington is starting to take note. so why not spend 10 minutes of your day on Monday, June 11th calling in to change our policies that are affecting others around the world. you have the opportunity to change what they cannot. so do something.

Progress in Washington from Give Us Names on Vimeo.

for more info on all of this head to: http://giveusnames.org/
scroll down a bit and all the information you need is there.
if you’re nervous, ask a friend to join or email the Give Us Names guys. they are really incredible and can walk you through how you can be a part of restoration.