so being on this trip, i’ve learned/realized a few things that i probably knew about myself, but had not stood out so prominently before.

1. i’m thankful for spell check. i am not such a great speller. (also, my grandma would probably cringe and correct my grammar on all of these posts if she were here. for being the granddaughter of an English major and constantly corrected growing up, i skipped the gene that makes someone great at grammar. and all the classes.)

2. i really love taking pictures of stairs. never did notice this about myself before. but i’ve already taken several stairs photos in the first week…i think it’s something to do with the anticipation of the ensuing adventure. that and knowing that the journey that you take to get somewhere is just as important as the arriving itself, sometimes more so.

stairs up to the dunes

stairs down to the fishing area

ann arbor derby dimes! (in derby we trust) anyone who knows how much Whip It makes me laugh will appreciate this with me.









3. i am a big fan of old or strange signs. i have taken as many pictures of signs that make me laugh as i have taken of landscapes or anything else. some of them are just old and interesting. some of them surprise me by their existence and placement…

painted on the tile above the toilet at Deer Ranch