we decided to stay in an RV park in ypsilanti so we could go between detroit and ann arbor the next few days. i took the liberty of exploring the downtown area. its actually wasn’t too busy on a saturday afternoon for a downtown. i realized it was because many of the store fronts are not open. i had looked on Real Time Farms (thanks Roger) to see if there was anything interesting anyone had uploaded and found an eatery called Beezy’s that i wanted to check out.

i got there around 3:30pm and then closed at 4pm so i opted for a Moroccan mint tea and writing some postcards. they’ve been open 4 yrs. i’m still not great at asking investigatory questions through making small talk, but i’m getting there…the place reminded me a bit of dandelion communitea cafe in orlando, but not nearly as great of an atmosphere. however, everyone was real friendly, and it seems like a good hangout in town.

i didn’t have much time so i took a shortcut through and alley to get to another part of downtown and found this:

there were action phrases taped to the ground throughout the alley. i traced them back and realized they began from the front door of The New Theatre Project. the place was closed so i didn’t have a chance to see what they do, but the alley was a great find. actions of tape included:
take a risk.
or fail.
or something inbetween.
be an aminal.
wake up! and smell the roses.
hold the door.
swing on the pole.
(a few others and the one featured above.)

definitely made me leave downtown ypsilanti in a good mood.