ventured into the great wilderness of the Upper Peninsula today. john wasn’t able to come with us as he had a lot of work to do, but the lady at the front desk of the KOA told him when asked that “he was missing wilderness.” welp, for a vast wilderness, we didn’t see any “wild” life. bummer. we kept our eyes peeled for a moose; no luck.

it surely was vast. there actually wasn’t terribly much to see, at least not with young kids in tow. we stopped at Deer Ranch. followed by Bear Ranch. slightly less depressing than a zoo, though the animals did not seem very majestic behind those fences. and the bears definitely had more room to roam than the deer. but we got to feed the deer…so you weigh the options.

also stopped by Tahquamenon Falls State Park. imagine being an indian/native american going down this river at some point in a wooden canoe and knowing that it dropped off like this. terrifying, yet stunning. Keltin and i hiked the 94 steps down together to the Brink platform and then back up to the trail.

best part of the day by far: stopping for pasties. (pronounced pass-tees). they are a crust filled with diced veggies and meat (similar to an empanada but baked not fried). they were actually quite delicious and apparently mostly only found in the yooper. we stopped off of M123 at Hog Island Country Store, real nice folks, and tried a beef and chicken pasty. the chicken had more vegetables so i preferred that one, but overall they were surprisingly worth the stop, and the novelty.

good, long day.