spent the day at mackinaw island. which, in case you ever visit, all the places spelled mack-i-nac are actually still pronounced mack-i-naw.

mackinaw island lives in lake huron off the coast of michigan, just before one reaches the UP a.k.a. Upper Peninsula, which we’ll be visiting tomorrow.

the place is a dream.  it is definitely a tourist location, which isn’t usually my thing, however, it has some very redeeming qualities. for one, there are tons of hiking trails. also, there are no cars allowed on the island – only horses, bikes and feet. came over this morning with the family and they left me on the island with the afternoon off. 

i took the opportunity to ride the trail that wraps around the island, about 8 1/2 miles. between that and the trails we took to get to the ferry and tromp around the island  biked nearly 12 miles today… oh, and the island trails have hills fuh dayz. (miss you chels.)

also, it was in the 50’s all morning and didn’t really warm up until i was arriving back from the long bike trail. i am tired, but i feel victorious for the day. and i am falling in love with biking. spent half the trip thinking through the details of taking some kind of long bike trip and dreaming of the places i might like to visit upon a bicycle…

the trail was lined with rocks, trees and the waters of lake huron and littered with these beautiful wildflowers. not to mention the lilacs in bloom all over the island and growing out of every crevice.

my reward upon arriving back into town was to stick my feet into lake huron. oh, and a piece of dark chocolate before boarding the top of the ferry for the windy 15 minute ride back. ad was right: cold makes you feel like you’re alive.