if i had it my way, i would never be a tourist.

being from orlando, i don’t like standing out in that way. i like to be a local. i like to learn from the locals what they love about their city and visit those things and places. that way, i learn what a city is really about, how it moves and breathes and thrives, not an outsider’s snapshot. since i also happen to be a details person and a fairly decent observer, i love learning a place.

so i spent friday afternoon and much of today exploring Traverse City. friday i covered a bit more ground being on my bike, but today, on foot, i got to see different things. for instance, this radio station located in the heart of downtown. oh, fluorescent neons.

started the day at Brew – a coffeeshop/pub that has great tea and free wifi. caught up with sweet Caroline during her drive from ATL to Brevard. stopped back by 9 bean rows to grab another cup of decaf coffee and wait out the rain. found a chocolate shop where i had a mango/ginger dark chocolate truffle. good, but not as great as the peruvian chocolates i had from a vendor at the sunset & vine market in LA several summers ago. wrote a few postcards (let me know if you’d like one…i love sending mail.), found the fishing hole in the picture above and bought this book. my new reading material during nap times (for the kiddos).

ended the day talking to my mom and hearing about her recent move into her new house! congrats mom, sorry i had to miss it.