today we started the day at Sara Hardy Farmers Market. named after Sara Hardy just before her death, she was a community leader and human rights activist. this plaque is embedded on a rock as you walk up to the farmers market. i can’t think of a better thing to have named after you.

they also have an information booth at the market that serves as the Traverse City Farm Market Office. i’ve never seen that at a market before.

we’re a bit ahead of the season up here, which is crazy to think since it’s too hot to grow much in the summer in Florida. vegetables now in season here are: leeks, onions, asparagus and rhubarb. there are a few others, but this is mostly what we’ve seen. the strawberry u-picks will be open soon, though the blueberry u-picks won’t be open until july! (this is perhaps most interesting if you know growing seasons or are in florida and realize that all u-picks have ended due to the heat.)

after getting some things for a care package and walking around to see all the offerings at the farmers market we headed to Black Star Farms.

we got here a little too early to get cheese so we walked over with the kids to check out the animals. there are so many at this farm – horses, hogs, sheep, goats, several breeds of chickens and rabbits. my favorite: sheep. keltin’s favorite: rabbits.

being here reminded me of how much i love farms and how i should live on one at some point. i’ve been thinking about it for a long while now, but the timing has never been right. we’ll see what happens down the road…

we bought raclette cheese saw the rows of grapes they harvest for their winery. biked down the TART to Suttons Bay where we had a picnic lunch, then headed to Jolly Pumpkin for dinner. we shared the Rocket Arugula Salad and the Goat Cheese & Arugula Artisan Pizza. both were delicious and a great end to this long day of adventures.