these waters have seen these feet before…

when i first moved to Chicago, i attended had a potluck at Lake Michigan – literally a few blocks down the road. it’s a ritual of mine to get in water nearly every time i’m near enough to. most of the time i’ll at least stick my feet in, even if the water is bitterly cold. on occasion i’ve been known to jump in fully clothed.

so far i’ve put my feet into the water at Holland State Park, Little Sable Point Lighthouse (on Silver Lake) and in the bay in Traverse City. though i’m sure the ritual will continue up into Canada.

did i mention we went to the sand dunes?!? by far one of the most interesting places i’ve ever been in my life. upon spending a few moments in said sand dunes, i decided i would NEVER like to be stuck in a desert. it felt more remote than any forest or sea i’ve yet been in.

Brittany Mazuchowski – you were right about Michigan. i love it here. it is one of the most beautifully surprising states. though i’m not yet convinced i could handle the winters.