a few years back a friend told me about an artist named Andy Goldsworthy. i think her love and enjoyment of his work spilled out in such a contagious way (as most things she loves beautifully do) that i couldn’t help but immediately love his work as well.

he creates non-naturally occurring patterns in nature out of nature. (if this sounds confusing, there is more information here.) much of his work takes time, patience and precision. he uses only his hands, teeth or found tools and materials to bind objects together and create patterns. his materials include leaves, water, ice, stones, twigs, trees, sand, pinecones, etc.

as my love for nature and art has grown, i have always thought his work was particularly fascinating and have loved the times i bumped into someone who appreciates him as much as Ali does.

but today was a new day.
we went to the frederik meijer gardens and sculpture park in grand rapids. there were so many sculptures to admire, but the gem of my day was seeing the piece above by andy goldsworthy. seeing his work in the flesh. i think i checked off a dream opportunity i didn’t know i wanted.

one minor curiosity: does one aspire to great things because of the name Goldsworthy, or do names shape who we become?

Laura Ford: Espaliered Girl

other pieces i particularly enjoyed:
Espaliered Girl – Laura Ford (second favorite)
Listening to History – Bill Woodrow
Neuron – Roxy Paine (also look up Conjoined, same artist)
King and Queen – David Nash
Cabin Creek – Deborah Butterfield
Mirage 1 & 2 – Elizabeth Frink
Grosser Trefree – Dietrich Klinge