today is the day i explain the reason for the start of this blog, which will most likely evolve into a different ending.

i am on a journey. with a really great family. touring farms, markets, co-ops and local business models throughout the Mid-West and Canada. its a learning-from trip, seeing the way other things have worked and contemplating what will work in Orlando. for more info about this check out:

i’m along for the ride. living on a cot in a tent outside the camper, helping with the kids and getting to learn and eat my way through the local initiatives of the Mid-West. i’m excited to be in open country, breathe in cool nights and fall asleep to outside sounds rather than city noises. my life is a dream.
cheers to being a farmer gypsy…!

note from a friend before flying out this morning:
i’ll miss you. eat this summer alive. don’t even leave a bone behind. follow the call of the road and regard the wind at your back as an ally.

thank you sir. i plan to do just that.